The direct benefits of
a methionine supplementation

Do your dairy cows need
amino acid supplementation?

Methionine – Smart Options from Adisseo
Since it was first added to ruminant diets, Adisseo has led the research on understanding and satisfying a cow’s need for this required nutrient.

Methionine For A Smooth Transition
Nutritional and metabolic problems in transition cows can cost more than 300€ per cow per year. Methionine has the power to help.

The Case for Methionine in Ruminants
Achieving optimal performance in dairy cows is only possible when nutritional requirements are met. Charles Schwab, University of New Hampshire.

Smartamine®, to add methionine to your specialties or minerals for ruminants

Smartamine® M is an exclusive product from Adisseo.
Smartamine® M is the most bio-available source of methionine and the most cost-effective rumen-protected methionine for ruminants on the market.
Smartamine® M is a uniquely coated methionine: This unique pH-sensitive coating protects methionine during its passage through the animal’s rumen and enables its release in the abomasum, the ruminants’ last stomach. This allows for optimum digestibility in the small intestine and best use by the dairy cow to balance amino acids, allowing dairy herds to achieve optimum performance.
Ask your nutrition consultants, premix companies, and feed manufacturers for Smartamine® M.

MetaSmart®, to bring methionine to ruminants in your pelleted and liquid feeds


MetaSmart® developed and designed specifically by Adisseo to optimize amino acid balancing in dairy cow feeds, especially in pelleted feeds.
MetaSmart® is the industry leader, as a fully pelletable source of methionine for ruminants, which maintains its bio-availability throughout pelleting.
MetaSmart® contains an ester of methionine-analogue, a unique feed ingredient, delivers excellent bioavailability and also promotes rumen function.

  • 50% of MetaSmart® is absorbed across the rumen wall into the animal’s bloodstream and provides methionine for use by the dairy cow.
  • 50% of MetaSmart® is hydrolyzed in the rumen providing a positive effect on rumen function.

Ask your nutrition consultants, premix companies, and feed manufacturers for MetaSmart® in your pelleted feed.

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